Student Awards

Students and Postdoctoral fellows are invited to apply for the Student Awards and the Genevieve Spik Award.

Genevieve Spik was a pioneer in the area of lactoferrin research and she contributed immensely to this field. She was on expert on iron-binding proteins and their glycosylation and was particularly interested in the involvement of lactoferrin in immune function. She mentored a new generation of researchers devoted to lactoferrin, among them Annick Pierce and Dominique Legrand, who actively attended and chaired many international conferences on lactoferrin. Dr. Spik and her team organized the Third International Conference on Lactoferrin in Le Touquet, France.

These awards are for:
  • Graduate students or Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Who are younger than 35 years old

  • Applicants should submit an abstract for an oral presentation to be given during the Conference.
  • Applicants are requested to fill in both the Electronic Registration Form and the Electronic Abstract Submission Form.
  • The birth date of the applicant must be indicated in Electronic Abstract Submission Form.
  • Graduate students must submit a copy, photo or scanned student ID.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows must submit some type of document proving this status.
  • Please also submit a copy, photo or scanned document of your passport displaying your photo, first and last name, and birth date.
  • In addition, a short letter from the applicant’s Supervisor is requested. The Supervisor is asked to provide a brief synopsis of the applicant’s overall contribution to the work being presented, as well as a summary of the resources available for the applicant’s attendance at the conference.
  • This letter must be sent by e-mail to:
  • The Student Award abstracts and accompanying Supervisor letters must be submitted before August 30th, 2019.

Evaluation process
  • From the Abstracts submitted by graduate students, a Committee will select the 10 most meritorious, and these students will receive a travel award (Student Award).
  • Those receiving a Student Award will be notified well in advance of the Conference (before September 15th, 2019).
  • Those receiving a Student Award will be notified well in advance of the Conference (before September 15th, 2019).

  • Depending on the funding available, recipients of the Student Awards will receive a minimum of US$ 500 plus a waived registration fee.
  • The winner of the Spik Award will receive an additional US$ 500.
  • All will received a certificate of merit.